Two Year Plan for Transfer Students

Recommended 2-Year Plan for Transfer Students *Depending on courses you took at your previous college, these classes may be waived. This is a matter to discuss with a Film advisor.

Year 1
TA 104 Story Through Word and Image (4) *Art 104, 250, or 251 *
 Film 305 Art of Film: Beginning to 1950s (3) *Film 306 Art of Film: 1950s to Present (3) *
Film 317 Art of Film Discussion (1) *Film 318 Art of Film Discussion (1) *
 Film 315 Filmmaking I (4)Film 375 Filmmaking II (4)
 Film ElectiveFilm Elective
Apply to Graduate.
Take the GWPE (Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam)
Year 2
Film 415 Filmmaking III (4)
Film 475 Filmmaking IV (4)
TA 494 Senior Seminar (2)
Film Elective
Film Elective
Film Elective
Film Elective