Film Minor

Requirements for the Film Minor

*For a description of the Film Program, please see Film at HSU.*

Total unit requirement: 20 units

A minimum grade of C- is required for all courses in the major. F=offered fall only; S=spring only, A=offered alternate years as funding permits.

FILM 315 Filmmaking I [F]
FILM 375 Filmmaking II [S]

Two of the following (8 units)

FILM 305 & FILM 317 Art of Film: Beginning to 1950s (Satisfies UDGE Area C) [F] or
FILM 306 & FILM 318 Art of Film: 1950s to the Present (Satisfies UDGE Area C) [S] or
FILM 465 Film Seminar

One of the following (4 units)

FILM 360 Science, Environment and Natural History Digital Production [A] or
FILM 362 Social Change Digital Production [A]